Tools for the apocalypse ... or not.

So the big picture "problem" of steering the course toward a sane, sustainable future covers a lot of territory: local sustainable agriculture, local business, economy/inflation, local and global energy issues, efficiency, alternative energy, electric cars, transportation/ferries, global ecological issues, local land use and water issues, Federal domestic and foreign policy i.e. World Bank/Monsanto, education, activism, social change ... economic sustainability ... and how to just live your own life in paradise and sleep at night.

This site is a collection of observations about living in the shadow of a looming ecological and economic apocalypse ... oddly, written in July 2008 -- sorry to cause this mess! While preparing for vs. avoiding an apocalypse may reflect fundamentally different points of view, they do have many actions in common. This site offers a secular perspective i.e. avoiding an apocalypse.